Essential Oils

Essential Oils

We are proud to offer DoTerra Essential Oils. Click here to be redirected to our DoTerra website.  With proper use, essential oils can be used orally, topically, or aromatically.  Certain oils are toxic to pets and we recommend that our clients research carefully before using essential oils around their pets. Quality of essential oils also varies and some use petroleum products which are not ideal. DoTerra oils are Certified Therapeutic Grade and some can be taken internally. We have an essential oils information sheet with which oils are safe to use around pets. Please call our office for information; our essential oils consultant would be happy to assist you.

Ruff Cuff

Exclusive to Graceful Departure! Ruff Cuff is a fabric cuff that is applied around your pet’s collar. There is a diffuser pad onto which you can apply 2-3 drops of an appropriate essential oil to safely diffuse aromatically without the concerns of a topical application. Hand washable or machine washable in a garment bag.  Fear Free friendly, the fabric can also be sprayed or wiped with dog (or cat, if applicable) pheromone to help reduce fear, anxiety, and stress, just make sure to not spray it while the pet is wearing it and allow it to dry before applying the Ruff Cuff to your pet’s collar.  No two are identical, visit our office to pick your favorite pattern

Essential Oils E-Book

Exclusive to Graceful Departure – this e-book has tips and recipes for safe essential oil use around your dog.  Please call our office for details on how to order the e-book.

Harp Music

Wait for the Sunset CD

Great for pain relief, comfort, and calming.

$17 including sales tax

Surrender CD

Comforting/reassuring. Designed to ease fearful, anxious behavior. 

$17 including sales tax

Tranquility CD

Restful, peaceful and reflective. Designed to calm and soothe. 

$17 including sales tax

Sanctuary CD

Great for work productivity, re-energizes at the end.  

$17 including sales tax

All 4 Harp Enrichment Therapy CDs are available at a special price of $60 (including tax) when purchased together. 

Melissa's Circle

Susan Raimond plays “Melissa’s Circle.”
Press the Play button to listen! The CDs are designed to be played from start to finish and not random play.  The first song grounds and balances the body to begin the relaxation and healing process. The  remaining songs build on each other to bring the healing properties to the body, according to the intention of the CD. 

Live Harp Music

A private Harp concert for you and your pet performed by Susan Raimond. 

$175/hour plus travel, if applicable.

Hospice and Palliative Care Products


PoochPads, “for dogs that are going places” are an excellent choice if your pet (not just dogs) are struggling with incontinence.

ThunderShirts for dogs and cats

ThunderShirts are like swaddling a baby or giving your pet a hug and can reduce anxiety.

Memory Glass, Jewelry, and Memorial Products

Memory Glass

Pendants, Touch Stones, Hearts, Large and Small Orbs are available

Memorial Jewelry

See our catalog for Jewelry options

Hand Drawn Portraits

Please contact our office for more information.


Authorized Independent Distributor

Standard Process makes nutritional supplements with whole food and other ingredients. Available for dogs, cats, and horses. Please call our office for more information or to order product.  

LifeVantage Independent Distributor

Nutrigenomics – the scientific study of the interaction of nutrition and genes, especially with regard to the prevention or treatment of disease. Click here to be redirected to our LifeVantage website.

Paw Prints (Stand not included)

Paw Print, Basic


Paw Print, Painted


Paw Print, Glazed


Paw Print, Premium


Paw Print, Decorated


Urns and Engraving

Traditional Urns

See our catalog for Traditional Urn options. Please call our office for pricing.

Earth Friendly Biodegradable Urns

See our catalog for Biodegradable Urns and Eco-Friendly Caskets. Please call our office for pricing.


Wood or Metal Urns can be engraved. See our catalog for engraving options. Please call our office for pricing.

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