One of the most difficult situations a pet owner faces is when their beloved pet has been diagnosed with a terminal disease or has a poor chance of survival due to age, injury, or other factors.

The goal of Pet Hospice is to provide comfort and dignity with a better quality of life during your pet’s last days, while allowing you the opportunity to come to terms with the imminent loss of a beloved friend. We offer three levels of care, based upon your need: Non-Medical Consultation, Quality of Life (QOL) Assessment, and End of Life (EOL) Appointment.  We utilize Fear Free℠ techniques in all our appointments.


In-home or telephone consultation with a veterinary technician that does not include a veterinarian-patient-client relationship (VPC).

Starting at $75

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QOL Assessment

A Quality of Life Assessment (QOL) is a mid-level examination done by the veterinarian in the pet’s home or in clinic.

Starting at $280

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EOL Appointment

The most comprehensive level of care is our End of Life (EOL) Appointment providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support.

Starting at $495

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As a pet owner, you have the closest relationship with your animal and are the best one to note any change in behavior. Some animals will hide their pain very well and the presence of pain is realized only after pain medication is begun and the pet responds favorably. It is very important that you do not self-prescribe medications to your pet without first consulting your veterinarian. Some over-the-counter medications are toxic to pets. For example, acetaminophen (Tylenol) should NEVER be given to cats!

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