Susan Raimond

Susan Raimond

Harp Enrichment Therapist and Vibrational Therapy Consultant

Sue Raimond, considered a pioneer of Harp Enrichment Therapy for pets and people, is among the world experts in the field of cyto-cymatics and vibroacoustics pertaining to the harp.  Educators nationwide recognize and recommend her CDs for pets with separation anxiety, thunder phobia, and various behavior modification needs. She has brought healing to 60 different species of animals and people.  Sue has been instrumental in bringing a sense of calm, rest, and welcome to Graceful Departure Pet Center through music, Vibrational Therapy using color and essential oils, and Cymatherapy. She is a retired Fire Chief/EMT,  a Chaplain, is on the Fear Free Advisory Council, and has recently opened her healing center in El Cajon, CA, where she provides Cymatherapy, ionic foot baths, essential oils, and harp enrichment therapy.

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