By: Summer Griffin, DVM

  • We are proud to have Fear Free certified professionals on our team that are dedicated to caring for your pets emotional well-being as well as his or her physical well-being. 
  • We have designed a hospital with you and your pet in mind 
    • Species specific exam rooms
    • Your pet will have a nonslip surface to stand on such as a yoga mat or a warm, pheromone infused towel
    • Pheromone and aromatherapy diffusers emit calming substances into the air and pet friendly music works its calming effect on the pets central nervous system 
    • We avoid bright white that can be startling to your pet. Pastels are soothing, so our scub uniforms and hospital walls are in shades of pastels 
  • We love Treats! 
    • Bring your cat or dog in hungry because Fear Free certified veterinary team members will be handing out treats throughout the visit to welcome your pet (Please let us know if you or any members of your family have food allergies. We give many treats to make your pets visit more enjoyable and wouldn’t want to make anyone sick!) 
  • We love Toys!
    • In addition to treats, our veterinary team members utilize a variety of distraction techniques such as toys to help your pet be more comfortable 
  • We love the Exam Room! 
    • Whenever possible, our veterinary team members will preform exams and procedures right in the exam room so your pet will be reassured by your presence 
  • We love stress free pets! 
    • If needed, we will prescribe anti-anxiety or other calming medications or supplements to help make the car ride and the visit more enjoyable and less frightening for your pet 
  • We love Meet and Greet Happy Visits! 
    • Swing by during our meet and greet hours to let your pet find a treat, get fussed over or even get a massage from a team member 
    • Early, positive experiences can build a foundation of trust and help prevent fear from developing
  • We love Victory Visits!
    • This entails a  more targeted preparation for your pet to help overcome a phobia ( i.e. – toe nail trims, ear exams, etc). The goal is to get the pet more accustomed to the environments and types of handling and care they’re going to experience via “baby steps” associated with pleasurable sensations to overcome the phobia

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