How to Prepare

Some Ideas on How to Prepare for the Euthanasia Appointment:

  • Gather humans and animals who love the pet, for a chance to say goodbye. The humans may want to light candles and put them in a sand tray while they share a few special words or memories.  Please insure that children, pets, and combustibles have no access to the open flame.
  • Have the children draw a picture or write a special letter to the pet.
  • Share a special time alone with the pet. Make a special meal, go to a favorite place, such as a park or the beach, and spend extra time cuddling and petting.
  • Take a few last pictures with your pet. Allow family and friends to take pictures with the pet for a special memory.
  • Make a photo album or slideshow using favorite photos of your pet.
  • Diffuse calming essential oils, play your pet’s favorite music, and/or give them a massage if they like that.
  • Let your pet decide which room and/or where they would like to be.  Do they have a favorite spot?
  • Prepare the place by having a towel or two available, a soft place for your pet to lie down, put some waterproof material (an old shower curtain, large plastic bag(s), fluffy blankets, or incontinent pads) under the pet’s bedding in case there’s an “accident.”
  • Before the veterinarian arrives, there are no restrictions on food, water, or medications.  Feel free to keep spoiling your pet.
  • Allowing children (at parent’s discretion) and other pets to be present to say, “Goodbye” during the appointment is acceptable.  If not present during the appointment, we recommend allowing but not forcing the children and pets an opportunity to say, “Goodbye” afterwards.
  • Graceful Departure Pet Center offers Pet Loss Counseling Sessions, graciously led by Dr. Carolyne Joseph, PsyD., for those struggling with grief or pre-planning.  For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call Dr. Joseph directly at (619) 334-0708.

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