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My pet has passed away, what do I do?


The passing of your beloved pet is a very sad time, and can be stressful. Here are some helpful things to know to help you through this difficult process.


How do I transport my pet to Graceful Departure Pet Center for aftercare?

You can bring your pet to our end-of-life clinic for aftercare, anytime during office hours. Please give us a call to let us know you are coming so we can be ready to assist you. If your pet has passed during after hours, keep your pet cool as best you can. You can use a tote, a towel, or blankets in a bathtub or shower. You can also use ice around your pet, if needed. Be sure to keep your pet away from any predators, if outside. Sometimes, animals can leak body fluids, so you may want to use a plastic shower curtain or trash bag under your pet.


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You are welcome to call after hours, please leave a message and we will return your call when we get back in the office.


When transporting a small pet (like a cat or small dog)

It is best to gently wrap in a towel (or 2) and place in a dog/cat carrier, or a box.


When transporting a medium - large pet.

It is best to wrap in a large sheet, and place a towel under their head and under their bottom. For extra protection in your vehicle, you can lay out large garbage bags on your seat or cargo area, and then place your pet on top of the bags.


For more information or questions, calls us at 619-741-5366

I cannot transport my pet to Graceful Departure Pet Center for aftercare

If you are not able to transport your pet yourself, you can call us and we can arrange transport to our clinic for aftercare.

Click here for information and options on our aftercare services


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