The most complete level of care we offer is the End of Life (EOL) appointment. This is a service where you and your pet, under the direction of a team that consists of you, a veterinarian, our CSRs (veterinary assistants), and a psychologist/chaplain, are supported to help your pet live out his or her remaining days at home with as much dignity and comfort as possible. This may involve complementary and/or allopathic medical care, at-home nursing care, pain management, bereavement planning, and other emotional, physical, and spiritual care.

First we have the pet owner send the recent medical records to our office so we can start developing the treatment plan. We usually spend 2-3 hours before the appointment, poring over the medical record to determine the best plan of action.  Then the veterinarian assists the caregiver with a home or in clinic examination of the pet. Treatments and/or medications may be prescribed (at additional cost) or modified to help control your pet’s disease or any associated pain.  The psychologist/chaplain is available for emotional, spiritual, and psychological support of the caregiver and may go over the expectations and wishes of the caregiver as the end draws near. Pre-bereavement counseling and/or bereavement counseling is available.

The final phase is Bereavement Care. Together, you and the rest of the team can discuss your wishes for the final arrangements such as cremation, plan a funeral, discuss the making of a memory album, and/or schedule any pet loss support appointments.

An End of Life appointment includes the veterinarian’s time and expertise with previewing the medical record, performing the examination, and prescribing treatments and medications; the CSRs giving phone, email, and/or text support during office hours; and a 10-15 minute phone consult with the psychologist.  If additional medications, treatments, psychological or veterinarian assistance is needed, a nominal fee will be charged.

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